Mixing With Mandy Coconut Condensed Milk

Mixing With Mandy Coconut Condensed Milk

Coconut condensed milk is diary free and vegan and is used in any recipe that asks for standard dairy condensed milk.


You do need cookidoo for this recipe and this recipe is for a Tm6 only as the high heat sugar mode is used.

  1. Add golden icing cane sugar coconut milk and dairy free butter to your mixing bowl. 3 minutes, varoma, speed 2
  2. Add glucose syrup, 30 sec, Veroma, speed 2 Pour out into a mixing bowl that has a pourable spout. This makes it easier for pouring back into your mixing bowl through the MC hole later.
  3. Place mixing bowl back on thermomix, do not clean. Go into cookidoo and select the hedgehog honeycomb slice recipe.skip to the sugar stages .3.
  4. Lid on MC off and add 30 grams of your mixture through the mc hole, start sugar stage by turning the dial and wait for 1 minute, this is important, Don’t stop or adjust dials at all !! slowly poor through the mc hole the rest of your mixture, the thermomix will still be running !
  5. “Don’t stop or turn off the thermomix or you will not be able to access the high heat sugar mode “
  6. The mode is pre set for 22 minutes, however after 3 minutes reduce your time to 4 minutes tap the far left dial, still do not turn off or adjust anything else, Now turn dial to show remaining 4 minutes cook time left.. Total of 7 minutes in sugar mode all up.
  7. Then add lemon juice. Put Butterfly in. 2 minutes, speed 3.5
  8. Add your coconut condensed milk to a sterilised jar and cool completely, then store in fridge .
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400 Grams
Golden icing cane sugar
85 Grams
Dairy free butter
20 Grams
Glucose syrup
5 Milliliters
Lemon juice
400 Milliliters
Coconut milk
Cooking time
14 mins
Meal course
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