Creamy Vegan Macadamia Chocolate Mousse

Creamy Vegan Macadamia Chocolate Mousse

Start by making the delicious cream this is key to a smooth moorish vegan dessert.

  1. Soak macadamia nuts and cashews overnight in water with at least double the amount of water to nuts.
  2. Drain nuts and add to the mixing bowl along with the Coconut, vanilla, salt, maple syrup and water. 1 minute speed 9
  3. Add xanthem gum. 2 minutes speed 10
  4. Strain your cream through nut milk bag and discard pulp, repeat twice more discarding pulp between each strain.
  5. Add the cream to a glass bottle and store in the fridge for up to 5 days
  6. Using a dry clean mixing bowl, add all remaining ingredients, except chocolate chips. * granulated sugar * unsweetened cocoa powder * cornstarch * salt * macadamia cashew coconut cream * water. 5 minutes, 75c speed 1
  7. Scrap down mixing bowl, lid on. 8 minutes, 85c speed 2.5.
  8. Add chocolate chips. 2 minutes, 85c, speed 3.
  9. Divide mixture between ramekins, I like to use the thermomix pot set yoghurt glasses these are the perfect size and shape for one serving. Put mousse in fridge for three hours or overnight and top with raspberries or fruit of choice to serve.
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2 Cups
1 Cups
Coconut chips
900 Milliliters
4 TblSpoon
Maple syrup
1 tsp
Xanthan gum
1 tsp
Vanilla bean paste
1 Pinch
100 Grams
60 Grams
Unsweetened cocoa powder
4 TblSpoon
2 Pinch
400 Milliliters
Macadamia cashew coconut cream
400 Milliliters
200 Grams
Dairy free bittersweet chocolate chips
Preparation time
720 mins
Cooking time
17 mins
12 people
Meal course
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